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Mel Jackson
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Love the matt and the ability it gives me to practice my putting throughout the winter. Don't be surprised if you have to iron your matt when you first unfurl it to help get the folds out. Now, if I can only get that white line to appear on my putts out on the course....
Brad Murphey
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Use Daily Love the smaller sized hole to practice accuracy. Ball return works great and really like the alignment lines. Only complaint I have is that the end of the mat continues to curl up despite efforts to make flat. However, it does not impede the ability to practice 8 footers.
Bradley Robinson
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Love it so far Been about a month and I can see where this training aid shines through. I’ve noticed a large improvement in tempo which has been leading to a lot better contact on the putter face. It’s very convenient which leads to me practicing a lot more on it. I won’t be on Tour anytime soon but it sure has helped get putts in a lot closer to mitigate 3 putts
James Cope
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Practicing Perfect, helps... distance control and stroke have improved dramatically... I definitely notice a lot more confidence over the ball as well, creating the mental illusion that anything inside 4'-5' feels like a gimme. Absolutely recommend.
David S.
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Excellent training aid…and thinking aid! I’m using this thing every day and it is awesome! I’m now lights out from 6 feet in on the golf course and I owe it all to this training aid. I also use it when I’m on conference calls for work. Really helps me think while practicing putting at the same time

Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror

With putting making up around 40% of your total strokes on the course, it stands to reason that sinking 3-10 footers will make a world of difference to your final round score.  

Practising putting is therefore the best way to improve your short game. And the best way to improve your putting is with an alignment mirror – like the Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror.  

Boost Your Game With The Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror

A putting mirror is a great tool for refining your short game. It can help you with your game by: 

Controlling Your Putt 

Putting mirrors are designed to give you a visual of your line-up and stroke. They will have markings and guidelines that show you where your eyes are relative to both the putter’s face and the ball and will indicate what is square to the putter’s face. 

Boosting Posture & Mechanics 

Posture should be ever-present in your mind when lining up your strokes. Putting is no different. The correct posture will improve your short game, but more importantly, it is crucial to avoiding injury. 

Poor posture puts unnecessary strain on various joints in your body, which will cause you serious discomfort over time. Using a putting mirror will help establish the perfect posture for your putting stroke. It helps you keep your feet shoulder-length apart, and keeps you stable and balanced. 

Improving Alignment 

On top of improving posture and the mechanics, putting mirrors will also help you with your alignment. This is key to improving your game as most missed putts are the result of poor alignment.  

Coaches and putting classes always talk about “Aligning your eyes with the ball”, meaning that your eyes should stay above the ball during your stroke. 

A putting mirror does this with ease. By following the guides provided with your mirror, you’ll be putting like a pro in no time! 



About The Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror

The Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror is a must-have accessory for anyone’s golf bag. It is an invaluable tool that will help you shave strokes off the final round.  

The old adage “Drive for Show, and putt for dough” is one that springs to mind and The Perfect Practice Alignment Mirror is the ideal tool to help achieve that. 

Like all putting mirrors, the Perfect Practice small putting mirror is a reflective, unbreakable mirror that shows you where your head and shoulder alignment over the ball and the putter face.  

The Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror face has been designed with a slot for the ball. It also has guidelines on the mirror-face so that you will be able to ensure your putter face is always square to the ball.  

With this tool, you’ll master that straight-backed, straight through, pendulum stroke in no time! 


How To Use A Putting Alignment Mirror

A putting mirror may be one of the more important aides you could invest in. These mirrors are invaluable in the coaching they provide, and the best part is that they are small and can easily fit into your bag! 

Align yourself to the ball, using the mirrored surface to make sure that your eyes and head are over the ball and parallel to the target.  

The guidelines on the mirror will show you if your putter face is parallel to the ball and target. You should also be able to see your shoulder line (making sure they are square). 

Using a mirror will help you identify the points in your stroke that you need to work on. With practice, you’ll be able to achieve a comfortable, repeatable stroke that will help your putting game immensely!  


Improve Your Stroke With The Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror

We’ve all seen putting practice taking place where there are golf clubs strewn all over the place, tee’s guiding practice strokes, and balls with lines all over them.  

As effective as those techniques have been over the years, the Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror has done away with the need for cumbersome tools and clubs. It has made aligning yourself to the ball easier than ever. 

 At the end of the day, golf is a game, and games are meant to be fun. By using the Perfect Practice Putting Alignment Mirror to work on your putting game, you will, without doubt, take shots off of your final round total, helping you have a better, more enjoyable game! 


64 reviews



Prices in USD or 4 interest-free instalments via

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