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Mel Jackson
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Love the matt and the ability it gives me to practice my putting throughout the winter. Don't be surprised if you have to iron your matt when you first unfurl it to help get the folds out. Now, if I can only get that white line to appear on my putts out on the course....
Brad Murphey
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Use Daily Love the smaller sized hole to practice accuracy. Ball return works great and really like the alignment lines. Only complaint I have is that the end of the mat continues to curl up despite efforts to make flat. However, it does not impede the ability to practice 8 footers.
Bradley Robinson
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Love it so far Been about a month and I can see where this training aid shines through. I’ve noticed a large improvement in tempo which has been leading to a lot better contact on the putter face. It’s very convenient which leads to me practicing a lot more on it. I won’t be on Tour anytime soon but it sure has helped get putts in a lot closer to mitigate 3 putts
James Cope
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Practicing Perfect, helps... distance control and stroke have improved dramatically... I definitely notice a lot more confidence over the ball as well, creating the mental illusion that anything inside 4'-5' feels like a gimme. Absolutely recommend.
David S.
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Excellent training aid…and thinking aid! I’m using this thing every day and it is awesome! I’m now lights out from 6 feet in on the golf course and I owe it all to this training aid. I also use it when I’m on conference calls for work. Really helps me think while practicing putting at the same time


In the world of putting practice mats, not all offerings are equal. Perfect Practice Putting Mats stand head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to quality and performance.  

If you want to practise your putts and improve your game any time, anywhere, then a Perfect Practice Putting Mat is exactly what you need. 

What Is A Putting Mat?

In its most basic terms, a putting mat is a small practice green that gives you insight into your putting position and stroke so that you can improve them.  

Your golf swing, which includes putting, is all about consistent repetition. Putting mats help you to create consistency by honing your power control and how you are connecting with the ball – the two fundamentals of putting. 



Do Perfect Putting Mats really Improve Putting? 

The simple answer is yes, but that does come with a caveat. The quality of your putting mat will have a massive impact on what you are able to get out of the aid.  

The main focus of any putting mat is to work on your distance, or power control and so the quality of the material used will affect the roll of the ball and how much power you use.  

As such, you need to choose a mat that runs as “true” to the real thing as possible – like the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. 


About The Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat has managed to bring together high-quality performance and classic, elegant styling to create a practice aid that is highly effective and good looking. 

The Perfect Practice Putting Mats comes in three sizes:  

  • Compact: 8’ (2.4m) – perfect to use in small spaces or when you travel. 
  • Standard: 9’6’ (2.9m) – fits in most spaces and comes with two holes.  
  • Extra Large: 15’6’’ (4.75m) – great for practising those long putts. 

These mats feature Crystal Velvet TrueRoll technology, which rolls at 10-14 on the Stimpmeter. 

Functionality was the primary goal when creating these mats. Don’t settle for anything less than the best!  

Perfect Practice offers a standard mat with which putts roll true and quick. The design includes an incline to the hole (ensuring you don’t short-putt on the green), two holes, and a beautiful wooden finish that also returns your ball to you when you sink a putt. 

The mat also features distance markers to help with your reading the green and power control. And it even rolls up neatly to be stored out of the way. 


How To Practise On A Putting Mat

It is important to remember what a putting mat is designed for. Its primary goal is to help you work on striking the ball and your power control. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you are setting your mat up in an area that is as flat as possible.   

Secondly, consider what is underneath your mat. Ideally, you would like a hard source over thick carpeting or rugs. 

Once the mat is set up, your focus needs to be on striking the ball straight and through the hole. Doing this consistently will help you with your pre-putt routine, posture, and your rhythm. 

With two different-sized holes, you’ll never get bored. You can keep practising until you’re feeling comfortable and confident in your putts.  

Ace Your Putts With The Perfect Practice Putting Mat


The Perfect Practice Putting Mats really have had an explosion of support! From golf greats to weekend players alike, anybody can use and benefit from the Perfect Practice Putting Mat.  

Whether you’re looking to break 100 or are looking to become a scratch player, sinking those puts between three and ten feet is where you are going to do it. It will bring your three-putts down and keep you in contention. To do this, you need to know your swing and be able to recreate it consistently. And The Perfect Practice Putting Mat allows you to do just that 

Whether you are new to the game or a golf veteran, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat will help you refine your short game and get in those hours of practice that make the difference.  


1147 reviews



Prices in USD or 4 interest-free instalments of $42.50 via

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