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Mel Jackson
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Love the matt and the ability it gives me to practice my putting throughout the winter. Don't be surprised if you have to iron your matt when you first unfurl it to help get the folds out. Now, if I can only get that white line to appear on my putts out on the course....
Brad Murphey
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Use Daily Love the smaller sized hole to practice accuracy. Ball return works great and really like the alignment lines. Only complaint I have is that the end of the mat continues to curl up despite efforts to make flat. However, it does not impede the ability to practice 8 footers.
Bradley Robinson
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Love it so far Been about a month and I can see where this training aid shines through. I’ve noticed a large improvement in tempo which has been leading to a lot better contact on the putter face. It’s very convenient which leads to me practicing a lot more on it. I won’t be on Tour anytime soon but it sure has helped get putts in a lot closer to mitigate 3 putts
James Cope
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Practicing Perfect, helps... distance control and stroke have improved dramatically... I definitely notice a lot more confidence over the ball as well, creating the mental illusion that anything inside 4'-5' feels like a gimme. Absolutely recommend.
David S.
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Excellent training aid…and thinking aid! I’m using this thing every day and it is awesome! I’m now lights out from 6 feet in on the golf course and I owe it all to this training aid. I also use it when I’m on conference calls for work. Really helps me think while practicing putting at the same time

Perfect Practice putting gates

Hitting a green in regulation counts for nothing if your short game is letting you down. Eradicating 3-putts from your game and sharpening up your performance on the green is the easiest way to start getting your score down. And putting gates are a great weapon to add to your training arsenal. 

But with so many aides out there, how do you know what part of your game needs the most attention and what you will get the most benefit from? Well, the Perfect Practice Putting Gates are a great place to start as the feedback they give is simple and immediate! 

What Are Putting Gates?

Your swing is made up of dozens of smaller components – including putting. And improving your short game often only requires small adjustments to your swing.  

A putting gate training system will help you understand how the putter head is striking the ball, how you read the green, and your power control. 

With the Perfect Practice Putting Gates are a nifty tool that helps you improve your control and aim. You can easily assess your initial direction, distance control, alignment, and green reading thanks to these simple tools.  

By using the gates to track your putting line and power-control over distance, they’ll have you sinking putts and lag-putting like a pro in no time. 

Not to mention, they’re a great way to work on your short game at home when you can’t get to the club! 



About The Perfect Practice Putting Gates

The Perfect Practice Putting Gates are the ideal companion for any level of golfer.  

From seasoned professionals to the weekend hacker, by adding the these putting gates to your practice routine, you’ll understand and learn how to improve your stroke and start sinking putts effortlessly. 

Each set includes a set of three gates, the largest gate is 80mm, or two golf balls. The middle gate is 70mm, or 1 ¾ golf balls. And the smallest gate is 60mm – about 1 ½ golf balls.  

All the gates have detachable feet, making them usable on the course or at home on a carpet.  

They also come with a sleek, and convenient carry bag that can easily clip onto your golf bag. 


How To Use Putting Gates

Putting is about more than reading the green and controlling your power. As with your other strokes, you need to work on your technique and how you strike the ball when putting. Doing Gate Drills using the Perfect Practice Putting Gates is a fantastic way to evaluate this aspect of your game.  

The idea is to place the gates and various distances, the smallest one closest to the ball and the largest closest to the hole. You can then use the gates to evaluate your green reading, power control, and alignment.  


Up Your Game With Perfect Practice

The Perfect Practice Putting Gates are going to make a difference to your game even if you can’t get to the course. The gates are easy to use and can be set up anywhere from your living room to hotel rooms, and even on practice greens or in your backyard!  

The entire range of Perfect Practice products is designed to be used individually or together. Their goal is to not only help you understand the nuances of your swing but also to help you make the micro-adjustments that will take your game to the next level.  

Perfect Practice is well-respected and endorsed by PGA tour pros and greats, from Nick Faldo to Dustin Johnson. So, you can’t go wrong by adding these putting gates to your training arsenal.  


Achieve Reliable Putts With The Perfect Practice Putting Gates

Ultimately, golf is about being able to reproduce your swing as consistently as possible, and your short game is no different. Being able to set up your practice gates, even in the winter months, and practise your putting means that you are going to be able to recreate more consistent and reliable putts on the green! 

In a game of marginal gains, setting yourself up for success is about making constant adjustments and improvements.  

 The Perfect Practice range offers you every tool you need to improve your game, but starting with the Putting Gates is a great way to start shaving shots off of that scorecard. 


15 reviews



Prices in USD or 4 interest-free instalments via

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